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Employee Portal Welcome Page

Error: Login is required to search for jobs.

Welcome to the Employee Portal! This portal is for active T&C employees. If you are not currently employed with T&C, please click here to view external job openings.


To view the employee portal you will need to login to iCIMS.


CLICK HERE to login and you will be redirected to the Employee Portal.


We’re excited to announce a new Employee Portal. Previously you were able to apply for job through our internal job listing page. The Employee Portal is replacing that page.


Here are some great changes you’ll find:

  • Your Employee Portal is password protected
  • You will find helpful resources on your Employee Portal
  • You can view T&C Happenings (news and updates) from all the markets

Some things that will be familiar:

  • You can still view internal job listings and apply online
  • Your Hiring Coordinator contact information is still listed for your convenience

Below is all the information you need to log in to your Employee Portal!


Logging In
All employees have been added to the iCIMS platform (our jobs web host). Please note all employees have been assigned a NEW username as of 1/12/2018. If you were hired after 1/12/2018, your usename and password remain unchanged.


All employee usernames are as follows:
Username: employee[employee number]


There are no spaces in the username. To login you will type the word “employee” and not your name.
Example: employee1111


If you already had an account, your password will be the same as before. If you did NOT previously have an account, you will need to reach out to Meghan or Gillian to set a temporary password. If you have a personal profile with a personal email and a T&C email profile in iCIMS, we only updated the username for your personal profile.


IMPORTANT: If you don’t remember your password (or did not previously have an account) and attempt to create a new profile to login, it will not allow you access to the Employee Portal. To have access to the Employee Portal you must be coded in iCIMS as an employee by an iCIMS administrator (Meghan and Gillian). We want to recognize that may cause frustration for people trying to log in for the first time, but we want to protect your privacy (sensitive data is stored in your iCIMS profile) and are committed to responding to all your questions promptly to get you started.


If you know the email address associated with your iCIMS account, but forgot your password, you can hit the "forgot your password?" link on the next page or follow this link: reset your password


Having trouble logging in? If you aren't able to log in, please contact Meghan or Gillian, but you can click here to be redirected to the old version of internal job listings (not password protected) in the mean time.


Trying to find TLC?


Contact Your Hiring Coordinators
Meghan, Sr. Hiring Coordinator


Gillian, Hiring Coordinator


You can also email us at


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Thank you,


Meghan & Gillian